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Zonto - International Business Structure
Effective ways of funds managment and increase of income with the reliable business tools - Finance, Alliance, Invest. Discover the mechanisms of financial freedom in action!
Your opportunities with Zonto

You can choose one or use the full set of tools. Zonto just helps to:

Placing the money with benefit providing safety for funds
Make purchases and use services under the discount program
Investing profitably in innovative projects and start-ups
Send and accept quick money transfers around the world

Zonto – your freedom today and self-confidence tomorrow!

The Zonto advantages

Effective tools to manage of your funds

Intuitive interface and navigation of the site. A dashboard with an easy functionality,
available to any user, allows you to make financial transactions, according to the Zonto rools and agreements.

Zonto Invest crowd-investing platform offers increasing revenues by investing in perspective startups and projects.

Investors receive dividends and the opportunity to make transactions with invest loan parts , on an internal the stock exchange Zonto Invest, after a project fundraising.

Purchase of goods and services around the world

with cashback on Zonto discount card

Opening e-accounts in different currency within the EU jurisdiction

Maintaining customer comfort with reliable Internet banking and mobile application.

Make purchases with Zonto!

Get cashback on Zonto Finance card by buying goods and services in companies from Alliance Market catalogue.

Security and guarantees


For private clients the international financial structure Zonto provides:
  • Secure connection to the Zonto system
  • Protection of the personal data of participants
  • Reliability and rapidness of transactions
  • Absolute guarantee of money safety on individuals e-accounts
  • Round-the-clock customer support

Certified specialist in Management. Works with the company customers, ensuring their loyalty. Has experience in marketing and sales. Finds to each client an individual approach and maintains an active dialogue with him, always offering him new services and products. Enjoys traveling, sport activities, and a fully open to the world and all new, by communicating with interesting people.

Julia Semenova Account Director

Organizes work in communications: engaged in solving issues involving public relations and influencing the company image. Conducted presentations, press conferences, training courses. Easy to find an approach to each client and a team member.

Alexandra Gallyamova PR-Manager
Success begins with the simple things!

Make one simple movement, but in the right direction. Zonto - your space for personal growth and financial freedom!